Richard Noll, Ph.D.

Richard Noll is a clinical psychologist and is Lecturer in the History of of Science at Harvard University. He is a former Resident Fellow of the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology at MIT. His last book, The Jung Cult, was named Best Book of Psychology published in 1994 by the Association of American Publishers.

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Papers & Book Chapters Online

Jung’s Concept of “Die Dominanten” (“The Dominants”): The Neovitalism of the Basle Medical Faculty and Its Influence on Jung’s Later Theories, by Richard Noll, Ph.D.
Jungism in Postcommunist Societies: A Report from Ukrainia and Bulgaria, by Richard Noll, Ph.D.
The Aryan Christ: Introduction
Zurich 1916 The Unrepentant Eye of the Storm (the missing Prologue from The Aryan Christ)
A Christ Named Carl Jung, by Richard Noll, Ph.D.
Fresh Air Interview with Terry Gross and Frank McLynn
A Jung Index Interview with Richard Noll, Ph.D.

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