Jewellery Boxes: What Makes a Good Jewellery Box?

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There are a lot of jewellery boxes in the market today – that’s a fact. However, not every box that you can find can keep every piece of your jewellery safe from damages and keep all of it well-secured.

So, what makes a good jewellery box? If you try to visit this website,, you’ll easily understand what this post is all about. However, to have additional ideas on how to choose a good jewellery box, here are a few qualities of a good jewellery box that you should consider when investing one.

Qualities of a Good Jewellery Box

#1: Constructed from durable wood

When you choose a jewellery box always consider buying a wooden-made-jewellery box –preferably the durable wood. Wooden-made jewellery boxes are far better than any gorgeous and expensive-looking enamel-made and metal-made jewellery boxes. Although the two are known durable wooden-made jewellery boxes, on the other hand, it can keep every pieces of the jewellery safe from possible damages that are often caused by the box itself.

Moreover, a well-treated wood can keep moisture from building up. Plus, wood can lightly insulate your jewelry, protecting it from damages caused by the temperature inside the box.

Lastly, other than being classically stylish wooden-made, jewellery boxes are often constructed from durable wood; making it more practical than using enamel-made or plastic-made jewellery boxes.

#2: Designed with soft-to-touch lining

A good jewellery box is constructed with complete lint-free and soft to touch lining. If you are going to a brick-and-mortar store today to buy a jewellery box, you should go for a box with a lining that can secure your jewellery from scratches.

A jewellery box with an abrasive lining can cause non-permanent and non-permanent damages to your jewellery; especially to the types of jewellery that comes with delicate gemstones, such as opals and pearls.

So, make sure to look for a jewellery box with soft-touch and lint-free lining.

#3: It should be well-secured

Jewellery boxes are meant to:

  • Keep every piece of jewellery organized;
  • Keep every piece of jewellery from getting entangled with other jewellery, causing permanent to non-permanent damages,
  • And to keep every pieces of your jewellery safe and secured from being taken by young children to play it with or possibly from being stolen.

So, if you are planning to purchase a jewellery box today, make sure to purchase one that is well-built and well-secured. You may choose a jewellery box with a childproof lock or simply a well-constructed lock.

#4: Constructed in a classically timeless design

Although optional, it would still be nice to have a jewellery box that is designed with classic, gorgeous, and timeless decorations that can match whatever room décor you have or whatever current trends there are in the world of fashion, jewellery, and accessories.

Final Thoughts

If you are having difficulties choosing the best jewellery box, you should consider these factors;

  • It should be made from durable wood;
  • It must be constructed with soft-to-touch lining inside the box;
  • It must be well-secured;
  • It must be constructed with a timeless design.

Also, you may check My Treasure Box’s website to find the best jewellery box that fits your personality.

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