Stress Can Kill You: What Stress Can Do to Your Body?

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Stress is a normal physical response – a normal part of life. During critical situations, your body responds to any threats and pressure, which is often called as “fight or flight” response.

If stress is a normal body response, then, why is it said to kill you?

Several studies have been conducted and were concluded that too much stress can kill you; but, how exactly it can kill you? According to the studies, stress can truly be “life-threatening” if the symptoms and the urgency to overcome it are left ignored for too long. In fact, several medical experts have suggested that “too much stress” for a long period of time is a “massive self-destruction”.

The stress that is experienced for too long is known as chronic stress; if left ignored, your overall health is compromised.

What chronic stress can do to your body?

If chronic stress is left untreated, here are the top things it can do to your body:

1. It can compromise your mental health

If a person experiences too much stress, the size of the brain changes. According to research conducted at Yale University, a person who is always under stress for too long can shrink his or her brain, which can compromise the entire mental health.

The amount of synaptic connection between brain cells start to decrease; thus, resulting to decrease brain mass, particularly at the pre-frontal cortex, where the behavior is regulated. Since the function of the pre-frontal cortex is compromised due to the reducing mass and synapses between brain cells, experts claim that stress causes depression and chronic anxiety.

2. Increases the risk of having heart disease

Chronic stress can lead to chronic anxiety or depression; a person suffering from long-term depression is at risk for heart disease. According to the experts, being stressed for too long can abruptly end someone’s life – a silent grim reaper if you may call it.

According to medical experts, stress can trigger fatal arrhythmia or lethal irregular heart rhythms. Also, stress can narrow arteries, increasing the risk of heart attacks and or angina.

3. Anger-causing-stress can kill you

Since stress can alter someone’s behavior, you are prone to have anger issues. According to medical studies, who are often angry is at risk of sudden cardiac death. Research shows that anger and frustration can cause deadly irregular heart rhythms, which may lead to sudden death.

4. Lowers immune system

Anxiety and stress can affect your immune system, which makes you vulnerable to various diseases such as:

•    Cold or Flu
•    Asthma
•    Obesity
•    Diabetes
•    Gastro-intestinal problems
•    Alzheimer’s disease

How to relieve yourself from stress?

1. Always take time to exercise
2.    Consider taking the best adaptogen supplement
3.    Reduce caffeine intake
4.    Spend more time with family and friends when under stress
5.    Take time to relax and laugh; massage can be helpful.
6.    Avoid procrastination
7.    Always listen to relaxing or calming music

Stress is a normal reaction of the body; however, you must learn how to overcome it, because too much stress can kill you.

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